Energy Management

Cut your energy costs by as much as 40% or more.

As energy costs soar, more and more CFOs are looking for ways to cut back on energy usage. Many utility companies are also offering rebates for reduced energy usage. How can C&A Associates help?

Firms often leave their desktop systems running 24x7x365. Even power-save modes draw energy. The costs can be staggering. The average work day is about 10 hours or 50 hours a week. A week, however, has 168 hours. This means that even in power-save modes, systems are drawing energy for about 118 hours where no one is using them. This equates to 6136 hours for one machine in one year.

Think of the energy consumed for an office with 100
systems - 613,600 hours of wasted power draw!

We have a Power Management solution that could cut your energy costs by as much as 40% or more. Our SyAM Software products allow administrators to create power policies and enforce them without any intervention by end-users. Just think, no more “please shut down” stickies everywhere. It’s all automatic, and systems shut down gracefuly.

To learn how we can save 40% or sometimes substantially more on energy costs, contact us today.

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