Proof PC32™: Proof of Deposit System

The complete Proof-of- Deposit system for Image Capture, High Speed Capture and Balancing, Read-and-Key, On line Balance and Adjustment, and Report Preparation.

ProofPC32 takes advantage of the latest Microsoft™ technologies to provide a powerful, easy-to-use environment for performing complex transaction processing in financial institutions. Using a combination of database technologies and hardware capture speeds, ProofPC32 can be scaled to meet the needs of any financial institution.

ProofPC32 includes robust support for a variety of check image scanning devices. And support for all major desktop scanners make this the perfect solution for high or low volume proof-of-deposit operations, branch capture, customer capture, and microfilm replacement. Imaging support on all platforms includes display of images during capture at sample rates selected by the user for real-time viewing of image quality.

Combined with C21Express or ImageChex32, ProofPC32 handles the processing of transactions such as scanning at the branch, teller stations or at the central site.

Implementation is accomplished with user-defined tables providing pocket selection, range checking, rule validation, MICR line parsing, and edit checking. As a result, installation can occur in the field with no programmer interaction required.

Download our ProofPC32 Product Brochure for complete information. Also, check out the capabilities of remote capture with ProofPC32 Remote.