Check21™ and ProofPC32™ Remote

A cost-effective way to process checks at each location.

Financial Institutions already know that with Chek21, images can be captured anywhere, forwarded anywhere, and balanced anywhere.

Checks can now be deposited electronically instead of physically, allowing any company to have one bank ccount to support the daily deposits for ALL locations. Using this new technology, companies can eliminate bank accounts in towns and cities near every location, cash concentration debits (CCD), depository transfer checks (DTC), and accounting overhead associated with bank reconciliations, deposit notifications, and adjustments while at the same time gaining improved funds availability. Depositing checks electronically will also reduce the high per item deposited fees charged by most banks, and by concentrating all deposits in a single bank, companies can improve their bargaining power in negotiating interest rates and fees.

ProofPC32 Remote Customer:

Remote capture allows company personnel to process checks at each location with smaller, low-cost capture devices and software that validates each transaction to ensure the integrity of the check information to be forwarded to the bank. Checks are captured and balanced at the remote location, and electronically transmitted to the company’s bank.

It’s safe, it’s secure. Learn how ProofPC32 Remote can help your clients today!

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