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PADtrax RFID Evidence Management

Quickly Log Evidence. Track Evidence Movement. Ensure Proper Placement. Quickly Complete Inventories.

Designed for law enforcement, the PADtrax RFID solution is designed specifically to meet evidence-management requirements. PADtrax stands for “People, Asset, Document Tracking”, and it is evidence-management software configured according to the exacting requirements of each police department where it is installed, providing a complete chain of custody for evidence items from seizure through final disposition.

PADtrax is the only triple-patented RFID evidence-management program. It is specifically designed to improve evidence tracking and accountability while ensuring the evidentiary chain of custody. The system can save agencies time on labor and mitigate a lot of the typical headaches that come with evidence. Why is PADtrax so effective? Because it uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to locate evidence, track its presence within the evidence room, document whether it is entering or leaving the evidence room, and at what time. Using radio waves and passive RFID tags, evidence items can be detected from a distance. This provides the ability to track their movement and to rapidly inventory and locate them.

Reliable. PADtrax Evidence Management utilizes the latest RFID technology to track the movement of your evidence as it travels through your department, between rooms, and even offsite. This protects your department by offering insights into your evidence status and proactively preventing human error.

PADtrax utilizes a logical system of checks-and-balances in order to advance an item through the processes of evidence custody. By design, this means that there are two parts to every transaction: a human element and a hardware element. Protect your department from human error with PADtrax Evidence monitoring your department.

Easy to use. PADtrax is the ultimate blend of simple and efficient Evidence Management software with incredibly fast hardware that tracks the movement of personnel, evidence, and proactively alerts you to issues in real-time. Because the PADtrax RFID Evidence Management System is always running and talking to your tagged property and evidence, it will immediately notify you when items travel in our out without the proper accounting.

Evidence handlers know that even the smallest discrepancies can be BIG PROBLEMS. So even if its just an issue of an item being misfiled, it can take hours to locate, and that’s hoping you only coincidentally discover its misplacement. PADtrax RFID is designed to help you locate the item almost immediately.

Easy to understand. PADtrax Evidence Management is focused on evidence. With an easily customizable system, a user is never more than two clicks away from any piece of information. Basic form and layout features include ad-hoc reports, dynamic field presentation, dynamic required fields and more. We know what it means to provide “user-friendly” systems for evidence handlers and Law Enforcement Officers

Good afternoon Matt,

I just wanted to express my thoughts on working with C&A Associates. As the leading liaison for Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) property and Evidence Unit RFID project my testimony is as follows:

  • C&A Associates employees have all exhibited the utmost professionalism (They all have been a joy and pleasure to interact with)
  • The after-installation customer service has been by far my most impressive observation
  • C&A Associates are truly customer service driven (and really leads the way in customer care & service)
  • JSO is the largest Property and Evidence Unit in the state with the cutting edge technology (RFID installed by C&A)
  • C&A Associates are a true reflection of you and your leadership
  • I am retiring after 30 years of law enforcement and would like to add C&A Associates is by far the best non law enforcement agency, I had the honor to interact with


Sergeant Roscoe Simmons

Sergeant Roscoe Simmons

Police Services Division, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO)

Asset Management With RFID

You Need More Than a Spreadsheet

Fully manage assets. Managing assets takes more than a simple spreadsheet. Keep track of purchase details, warranty, support contracts, lifespans, lifecycles, custody, and full inspection schedules all from a single system. This means you will know when public safety equipment is due for inspection. Manage your defibrillators, fire extinguishers, firearms, personal safety equipment, and more all from a single asset management system.

Track assets with RFID. From the first use of the PADtrax Asset Management System or as an add-on when you are ready, your assets can be outfitted with RFID tags allowing you to manage your assets in bulk. By enabling your assets with RFID tags, you can track the movement of your assets, ensure proper asset custody, and quickly complete inventories to satisfy your auditors.

PADtrax Currency Counters and Discriminators Designed For Law Enforcement

With Counterfeit Detection

Trust us. We know what you need. C&A Associates has decades of experience with currency equipment in the financial industry. That’s how we know you need something different. You need a currency machine that is fast, accurate, and incredibly reliable. After all, you can not tolerate mistakes.

The things you expect, but done even better. Yep. When you need to count money, it needs to be right. But getting a count is only a part of what you want. With the PADtrax LE (Law Enforcement) Edition Currency Discriminator, we also give you REAL-TIME capture of serial numbers! THAT’S RIGHT! Counterfeits? No problem. We find them and spit them out at the same time we are counting and getting the serial numbers. You can print your full report when you are done. Get a list of your denominations, counts, and serial numbers at a rate of 1,000 bills every minute!

This is where GREAT becomes FANTASTIC. Customize your receipts. Need a place for two signatures? No problem. Need the data to be digital? No problem. The PADtrax LE Discriminator can write reports to your flash drive or connects directly to your network to drop reports onto your server. All you need to do is drop the cash into the machine.

Even better:  Take advantage of the PADtrax LE software and you can maintain a full PORTABLE record of all seizures and batches with full recall of details and more! Have a large stack of cash to count and accidentally put the same bill in twice? No problem. The PADtrax LE software accounts for this in the log and will not only identify which bills were run multiple times, but maintains an accurate ledger of your currency value!

Shiny exterior and still great under-the-hood. Our experience has shown that street money is different. Because of tears, residue, moisture, folds, creases, and wrinkles, large stacks of cash can be notoriously difficult to count and often jams most machines. The PADtrax Zeus LE contains one of the shortest bill-paths on the market today. Just stack the cash and press GO.

As if you weren’t already wanting this. The PADtrax LE Currency Discriminator is also FIELD UPGRADABLE! This means that as new bills are released with new security features, your discriminator software can be easily upgraded. How’s that for our commitment to you?

Yeah, there’s more. However, we aren’t quite ready to put it out here yet. If you’re talking to us already though, you might want to ask.

Vaults and Lockers

This Is Old Hat

Vaults. C&A has been around longer than some of your officers. It’s where we come from.

Secure Containers. Narcotics drops, currency safes, retail safes. We have it all.

Technology. Take a traditional safe and outfit it with technology such as our One-Time-Codes technology, and be really serious about your security.


Traditional Alarms

Technology you trust. Talk to C&A today about managing your alarm system needs. Wired or wireless. We can wire your evidence vault, your department, or anything else you can think of.

Yes. We do monitoring too. If you already have alarm equipment, we can handle that too. Just let us know you would like for us to take over your monitoring.

Technology is what we do. Talk to our sales staff about integrating alarms with your other needs…

RFID Patrol Software

PADtrax Patrol Guard

Log where you are. PADtrax Patrol Guard leverages extensive knowledge of Radio Frequency Identification in a simple solution that allows officers to quickly document each location on an officer’s patrol schedule and run easy-to-generate reports. Simply outfit any building or location with a Patrol Guard RFID tag, and patrolling officers can log their presence without leaving the vehicle.

Document Management

Leverage C&A’s Years of Experience Bringing You the Proper Application You Need

Get what you need. Don’t feel forced to use software that is too complicated for you or so simple that you’ll have to “make it work.”

Use it the way you want. Have a conversation with the C&A sales staff, and let us know what you are looking for.

More capable than you think. C&A’s Document Management offerings do more than simply store documents. Use intelligence to digitize your documents, link related images and files, or even integrate with your existing systems.

Surveillance Systems

There’s Nothing Magical Here, but It Still Needs to Be Right

Choose the right technology for the right reasons. Maybe you need analog. Maybe digital. Do you need to replace your DVR or upgrade to a new NVR? We can help with that. Do you want to go coaxial or IP?

Sometimes you just want the professionals to handle it. Sometimes you know what you want, you just want someone else to do it. No problem. We have a whole team of technicians who love pulling wire and just making things work.

Something you haven’t seen before. With so much technology on the market, maybe you just don’t know what you’re missing. From simple video masking to Natural-Language-Search (NLS) to single-unit multi-lens cameras, talk to the experts and you might be surprised.

Access Control

Traditional and Advanced Solutions

Baseline for access control. Talk to us about using access control systems in your department. We will work with your staff and contractors to install wired or wireless systems, all connected to a centralized control point with full LDAP integration.

Extend access control into your existing secure locations. Optionally, we can integrate contactless access control systems into other secure locations, such as jails, so that you can maintain the security you need with the additional layer of controlling who has access to what when, all without keeping track of keys.

Opt to change to One-Time-Codes. One-Time-Codes technology takes traditional access control a step further by eliminating the possibility of shared keys and access-beyond-permission. By using One-Time-Codes, you can control access at resources even if they are remote and not tied into existing contactless access control systems (cards and FOBs).

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