Evidence Management

Evidence Management

Quickly Log Evidence. Track Evidence Movement. Ensure Proper Placement. Quickly Complete Inventories.

RFID from the start. PADtrax is an evidence tracking and management system that utilizes RFID at its core and throughout every step and facet of the custody of evidence. While many traditional evidence systems use barcode as the primary interface of hardware technology, PADtrax uses barcode as an optional supplement while fully implementing RFID the process.

Reliable. PADtrax utilizes a logical system of checks-and-balances in order to advance an item through the processes of evidence custody. By design, this means that there are two parts to every transaction: a human element and a hardware element.

Easy to use. PADtrax is the ultimate blend of simple and efficient Evidence Management software with incredibly fast hardware that tracks the movement of personnel, evidence, and proactively alerts you to issues in real-time.

Do what you need. PADtrax uses customized hardware techniques and proven algorithms to make your inventories go faster. Going faster means having more time, which leads to being able to complete inventories.

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