A High-Speed Coin Counter
The SC 3003 coin counter has been especially developed to count large quantities at a fast rate, ensuring efficient and reliable count- ing of incoming coins or tokens. Its high capacity, up to 3,500 coins per minute, makes it a popular coin counter at banks and cash centers all over the world. The SC 3003 features an auto-stop when the last coin has passed, and a non-volatile memory allows storage of the counted coins. The automatic off-sorting of smaller coins allows the separation of mixed denominations.

State-Of-The-Art Reliability
Trust SC 3003 to consistently deliver accurate results. The electronic inductive sensor guarantees high precision counting while making the SC 3003 virtually unaffected by dirt and grime. This results in reduced wear and cleaning, as well as the prevention of annoying interruptions. The machine also features a built-in function for reversing jammed coins and restarting automatically.

User-Friendly Performance
The SC 3003 has a wide range of smart functions and accessories to meet a wide variety of requirements. This, together with seven pre- programmable quantity stops and one continuous, makes the SC 3003 a very efficient filling machine, whether applied to coin tubes or bags of different sizes. Changing between tubes and bags is easy using the accessories available.

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