About Us

Financial Solutions

C&A Associates, Inc. was formed in April 1990 and incorporated in 1991 to work with Community Banks in Louisiana and Mississippi in the areas of Disaster Recovery and Proof-of-Deposit. Since that time, the company has expanded its services to cover the entire United States and the International Bank community. Today our customers not only include financial institutions, banks and credit unions, but also newspapers, casinos, tax collectors, insurance companies, school boards, district and local courts and municipalities, churches and utility companies.

RFID Solutions

Our latest RFID suite covers a wide range of applications, from maintaining business files or court documents; to tracking your assets such as equipment and furniture; to helping law enforcement track evidence and equipment. Virtually any type of business, public or private, can take advantage of RFID Solutions.

Law Enforcement Solutions

Our long history with law enforcement agencies has built a unique perspective. We understand what your requirements are and how your processes work. That’s why we don’t simply propose solutions to make sales. WE DESIGN products to work within your existing processes and increase your results.

Everything we offer is designed for you. Look for our in-house PADtrax brand and you know you don’t need to look any further.

Retail Solutions

C&A Knows. How do we know? It’s because we don’t sit behind our desks and process orders for generic parts over web storefronts. Our salespeople travel. We visit you. WE SEE.

That’s not all though. We pride ourselves on employing staff with broad experience. We’ve worked in banks, stores, restaurants, office buildings, chemical plants, and mechanics shops and our field technicians have worked on equipment in each of these environments.

Yes, we deal with many types of equipment, many which will be new to you. Just give us a call and let’s have a chat.

C&A Associates, Inc.

Where leading edge technology meets old fashion values and service.

Every C&A customer has direct access to our entire staff of associates, and the benefit of our commitment to providing the finest products, quality service, and support available. But you don't have to believe us, our clients are our best references!

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8:30 AM – 5:00 PM: 1-800-679-7764

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Customer support lines are manned 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

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