Intelligent Locking Systems

Intelligent Locking Systems

One-Time Authorization Codes

Forget about tracking keys. With traditional locks, all keys work.Whether by sharing keys or other means, the only way to see who has gotten into a lock is with cameras or similar mechanisms. With One-Time-Codes, we are controlling access from the start.

Simplify access control. Often, when an individual’s access is revoked by termination or a change of duties, an administrator must change a code or regain control of physical keys. With our One-Time-Codes solution, this isn’t necessary. When access is revoked, new codes aren’t generated. It’s that simple.

“Who? When? Where?” With One-Time-Codes, you can define who has access to a resource, and when they have access. Control access after hours and the minutes between which a specific user has access. You can even require a second personal verification to work with the code. Use a PIN or a contactless access card in combination with One-Time-Codes, and you’ll have complete control over your resource with a complete audit log of who codes are generated for.

One-Time-Codes technology can also secure access to narcotics drop-off boxes, asset closets, server closets, alarm panels, computers, BIOS, and more.

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