BVK OTCaccess for ATMs

An innovative access control solution optimized for ATMs. It is unique as it controls the access both to ATM safe and top box with separate one time codes (OTC).


  • Multi-vendor equipment
  • One time code technology based on device, person, time and function
  • Central user management on the web
  • Unlimited user capacity
  • Safe lock options (dead bolt, swing bolt)
  • Solenoid options for top box doors
  • 12v powered, PoE
  • No battery cost
  • Single or dual OTC access mode
  • Thousands of transactions logged

Advanced One Time Code Technology

otcaccess generates One Time Codes (OTC) based on an individual, lock (safe or top box), time period and OTC type/function.

With a dedicated OTC type, users can only complete the allowed function. In addition, the individual verification is completed either with a PIN + OTC or Contactless ID Card + PIN & OTC.

The otcaccess devices can be unlocked using a single or dual OTC. The real benefit is that the OTC is verified by the control point and offline. All are configurable both on the device and on otcaccess management software on the web.

Remote monitoring & control

  • Monitor device status and events
  • Retrieve OTC history and event logs
  • Update firmware and configuration
  • Reboot

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