Hyosung Monimax 7600D

The MoniMax 7600DR ATM gives a new look for your customer as a drive-up-rear-access wall type ATM solution. This compact, convenient ATM can still be easily installed and operated with an economic cost. As well as offering traditional cash dispense functionality, both cash and checks can be deposited directly into the ATM.

Powerful Transaction Support

With the Microsoft Windows XP Platform and an Intel Pentium IV Processor, the Monimax 7600DS guarantees support for both larger and faster transactions, including envelope-free bundle check and bundle cash deposits.

Fully Upgradeable

The 7600DR lets you deploy deposit automation upgrades when your institution is ready.


The Monimax 7600DS satisfies demanding performance standards such as UL 291 Level 1 safe and PCI-certified encrypting PIN pad.

Customer Friendly

The side-access feature makes it easier to load cassettes, provide service and maximize uptime.

Download Brochure – 7600DS
Download Brochure – 7600DR