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Because a single piece of lost evidence could be hard to explain. PERIOD.

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Meet Chain of Custody Requirements

Designed for law enforcement, the PADtrax RFID solution is designed specifically to meet evidence-management requirements. PADtrax stands for “People, Asset, Document Tracking”, and it is evidence-management software configured according to the exacting requirements of each police department where it is installed, providing a complete chain of custody for evidence items from seizure through final disposition.

PADtrax is the only triple-patented RFID evidence-management program. It is specifically designed to improve evidence tracking and accountability while ensuring the evidentiary chain of custody. The system can save agencies time on labor and mitigate a lot of the typical headaches that come with evidence. Why is PADtrax so effective? Because it uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to locate evidence, track its presence within the evidence room, document whether it is entering or leaving the evidence room, and at what time. Using radio waves and passive RFID tags, evidence items can be detected from a distance. This provides the ability to track their movement and to rapidly inventory and locate them.

Being able to locate evidence, equipment, and files efficiently and effectively is not an option in law enforcement – it’s an imperative. A single piece of lost evidence could mean the difference between a solved or unsolved crime. PADtrax RFID technology was designed to remove the possibility of lost evidence while mitigating your security risk.

Secure Your Evidence. The PADtrax RFID solution is designed specifically for meeting the evidence management requirements of law enforcement. Our evidence management software is configured according to your police department’s exacting requirements and provides complete chain of custody for evidence items – from seizure through final disposition.

Electronic chain of custody logs and reports track all events related to the evidence, including transfers, over the complete lifecycle of the item. In the event that a piece of evidence goes MIA, the RFID reader can quickly scan the evidence container, room, or surrounding area within the building to locate misplaced items.

Track and Manage Your Assets. Weapons, gear, and office equipment can also be inventoried and tracked using PADtrax. A simple RFID tag affixed to the item and a handheld RFID reader tracks the location of an item and its dispensation. It makes inventory a breeze.

Complete Your Inventories. When asking departments how long it takes to complete inventories, many respond with “months” or “have never completed one”. Often, evidence handlers say that inventories don’t get done because there is simply to much to do every day. Regardless of whether this sounds familiar, with our unique implementation of RFID technologies, you can have the ability to quickly and complete inventories in as little as five (5) minutes each week.

Easy to Implement. Records and data from existing systems are easily imported, making PADtrax easy to implement for any size department. In fact, we’re willing to come in and give you a free consultation show you the power of RFID for law enforcement agencies.

About PADtrax

PADtrax software from C&A Associates uses RFID technology to enhance evidence accountability, increase transfer efficiency and automate chain-of-custody reporting. Using radio waves and passive RFID tags, evidence items are detected from a distance, providing the ability to track their movement and to rapidly inventory and locate them. We provide you with everything you need to implement your RFID solution, including:

  • RFID Tag selection and placement
  • Existing asset & file conversion services
  • Software with installation training & support
  • Materials inventory handling & logistics expertise
  • Hardware selection, installation & support

Item Tracking

Each item’s profile can be expanded to include custom data fields, which can be dynamically defined by a user. Typical item information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Description
  • Case Number
  • Evidence Number
  • Suspect/Victim
  • Acquisition Date
  • Accountability Reports
  • Signature (PDF)
  • Movements Time & Date Stamped
  • Intuitive Location Tracking
  • Characteristics of Item
  • Officer Notes
  • Full Database Research

From the article Baker Police Dept. Finds Solid Evidence of RFID’s Effectiveness in our News section:

“If I have a bad day,” Dunaway says, “and I misplace a piece of evidence on the wrong shelf,” such a mistake could lead to hours spent searching for that item, whether or not it had a bar-code label on it. RFID, he realized, could solve that problem.

Randall Dunaway

Assistant Chief (Ret.), Baker Police Department

Good afternoon Matt,

I just wanted to express my thoughts on working with C&A Associates. As the leading liaison for Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) property and Evidence Unit RFID project my testimony is as follows:

  • C&A Associates employees have all exhibited the utmost professionalism (They all have been a joy and pleasure to interact with)
  • The after-installation customer service has been by far my most impressive observation
  • C&A Associates are truly customer service driven (and really leads the way in customer care & service)
  • JSO is the largest Property and Evidence Unit in the state with the cutting edge technology (RFID installed by C&A)
  • C&A Associates are a true reflection of you and your leadership
  • I am retiring after 30 years of law enforcement and would like to add C&A Associates is by far the best non law enforcement agency, I had the honor to interact with


Sergeant Roscoe Simmons

Sergeant Roscoe Simmons

Police Services Division, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO)

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